6 Ways to Compel Customers to Buy From Your Store

IntroductionFighting for customers is a common practice for all business owners, especially if your product is being sold by many other businesses as well. Even though it is a common practice, it is still one of the hardest jobs of owning a business. New marketing and promotional techniques are always available to attract customers, but its proper implication is the key for them to work. Marketing techniques involve enticing the customers to return, make a sale, and convert into loyal customers. Sounds easy, right?

When you are opening an online store, you need to devise a strategy to attract customers to your website. Once you have attracted them, how to compel them to make a purchase? It might be a difficult job but with the help of effective marketing plugins and extensions, you can do it easily.

How to Attract Customers to Your Store?

Before compelling customers to make a purchase, you need to attract them to your store. One of the most common ways to attract customers is to offer them something that they cannot find anywhere else. This is harder in today’s age when multiple similar businesses are thriving online. So what to do now?

Catching a customer’s eye is equally important to attract them. Having a unique and stylish storefront or landing page will help you attract customers. A store design that is easy to navigate and offers customer-friendly options such as multiple shipping and payment options is favorable by many consumers.

Another way to attract customers’ attention is by being loud. By being active on all famous social media platforms, people are more likely to notice you. Social media is a great platform to engage with customers on a personal level. Posting regularly on social media platforms gives customers the nudge to visit your website.

Once you have got the right people at the right platform, it is now time to convert them into buyers. As we said above, this is harder than it seems. Thus, we are here with the 6 magical tips and tricks that are sure to encourage customers to make a purchase. Let’s get started!

6 Ways to Compel Customers to Buy From Your Store

1. Offering Coupons and Discounts

Everyone loves a discount. This is why businesses have been using this marketing strategy since the beginning. Offering discounts and coupons on your store helps in attracting new customers. As you can entice them to make their first purchase on your website and even get 20% off.

Similarly, it is also important to give your loyal customers a discount every once in a while to make them feel appreciated and most importantly, to retain them. You can also do other promotional marketing services such as free shipping, BOGO deals, gift cards, vouchers, members-only products, etc.

More than 70% of the customers prefer to do online shopping due to better rates and discounts offered to them. Thus, offering early-bird and loyalty discounts to your customer can work to your advantage greatly.

2. By Recovering Abandoned Carts

On average, around 65% of the customers abandon their carts. Cart abandonment causes around $4 trillion loss in sales and revenue. This is a great loss of opportunity in sales and income and something all online businesses deal with. Some of the top reasons for cart abandonment include a complex checkout process, additional shipping costs, slow-loading websites, expensive products, lack of positive reviews, need to make an account, etc.

Thus, to lower the cart abandonment rate, business owners need to optimize their online site and make sure customers are not being charged with extra hidden fees and their checkout process is seamless.

There are many plugins available for this purpose. These plugins will help in automating the cart recovery process. They will send personalized emails to customers, reminding them of their abandoned cart. You can also offer discounts on these emails to entice customers to complete the purchase.

3. Setting Referral Programs

One of the most effective methods to get customers to buy from you is by making them trust you and your product. Setting up referral programs helps in increasing sales and traffic on your website. Referral marketing, also known as Word-of-Mouth, is a powerful marketing technique to increase your brand’s credibility. By using this marketing strategy, you can offer special discounts, deals, or coupons to loyal customers to refer your business to other people, such as by sharing their positive experiences on social media.

People are more likely to trust your brand or buy from you if they hear about it from their friends and family. By using customers who are positively influenced by your product can lead to genuine reviews and recommendations. It is also an effective way to increase sales, revenue, and ROI.

It is also important to devise a strategy for referral marketing. You should base your plan on which customers to choose? What is the right time to approach them? What will you offer them in turn for their efforts? Once you have the perfect referral program in place, sales are sure to increase.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is the most effective marketing strategy available. It is estimated to be 60% more effective than other techniques. It provides the highest ROI and increases sales and traffic on your website. You must be wondering how email marketing can compel customers to purchase more? Well, email marketing provides a platform where you can engage with your customers on a personal level. It is also cheaper than offering discounts, referrals, or coupons.

With email marketing, you can send targeted emails to your customers regarding their interests, past purchases, abandoned carts, etc. you can also send personalized emails to your customers on special occasions, holidays, or birthdays.

Email marketing lets you engage with satisfied customers with an easy and effective method. This technique works quickly and effectively and is guaranteed to increase sales and ROI.

5. Social Proof Plugins

What better way to compel customers to buy from you than showing them realtime purchasing on your website. Social proof marketing is based on the idea that people are more likely to buy or subscribe to a service that is being followed by the masses. It is based on the philosophy that if most people are using it, then it must be the best in the market.

Businesses have been using this marketing technique in different forms over the years. The point is the same, to show potential customers the heavy traffic and frequent sales on your website. You can do this by showcasing positive reviews and testimonials on your page or by realtime sales. As discussed on referral programs, people are more likely to buy something if others are using it as well.

6. Excellent Customer Service

The best way to satisfy customers and engage with them is by offering them excellent customer service in the form of live chat, emails, or voice calls. Around 50% of the customers prefer to live chat support regarding their queries. By providing a good customer support channel, you can leave a lasting positive impact on customers.

If you are available 24/7 to help your customers out regarding product query, customization, troubleshooting, they will be grateful and would always remember your brand by this experience, not the product itself.


It is important to consider the need of attracting customers to your store before thinking of ways to increase sales. Creating a dominant presence online is difficult, but with a strong social networking program, it is possible. When attracting customers to your store, you need to build your storefront keeping the customer in mind. Is it user-friendly? Easy to navigate? Provides ease? Once you believe your platform and product are sufficient to fill a customer’s need, it’s time to get them shopping.

By following these 6 tips, you can easily increase sales on your website. Customers are more likely to buy when everything is suited to their needs and they get special attention. That’s why email marketing is considered the best marketing tool because it allows you to interact with your customer on a personal level. We hope this article is helpful to you and your business.

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