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Copywriters have always been the medium who could transport a brand’s mission, its ideology through words. Most probably, everyone who knows to read and write can do it through a clear interpretation. But what makes the copywriter so special? Why does even today after marketing techniques undergoing tremendous changes still brands don’t refrain from pumping in massive money on copywriters? Have a glimpse at the facts that are given below, which offers answers to the above questions.

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The Inevitable Role Of Copywriters:

Copywriters are the people who could stimulate emotions among the readers through their words. Because emotions sell products, especially in B2C, a brand can convince people to buy its product and sustain them only if it connects with them emotionally. The words that these copywriters ideate and provide acts as the carrier for these emotions.

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For instance, have a look at the most familiar tagline of Nike ‘Just Do It’. Everyone is aware that Nike is a multinational company that sells shoes, equipment, and apparel for sportspersons. Like the quote ‘Rome was not built in a day,’ it takes years of hardcore training for sportspersons to excel in their game. We people who enjoy their games are not aware of the arduous training they carry out the backdoor. The training usually involves tough tasks that test their perseverance and their ability to withstand the pain. The tagline with three simple words ‘Just do it’ motivates the person to don’t back down and drives him to go further. Thus, the tagline has done its purpose by helping the brand to connect with an athlete emotionally. This sums up the role of a copywriter who plays a substantial role in enhancing the business of a brand.

The Role Of Copywriters In Today’s Digital World:

Copywriters still didn’t lose their luster even though the marketing channels through which brands approach people have also changed with the rise of new technologies. From newspaper and billboards to radio and television to YouTube and OTT platforms, the medium of marketing keeps changing over time. However, these ‘sales writers’ importance remains as it was before fifty or a hundred years because the medium that is leveraged for sales has only changed with time.

For instance, go and check with all the leading e-commerce sites such as Walmart, Shopify, and Alibaba. The homepage of all these sites comprises a consistent portion with ‘words’ in the digital era when videos are sought as the significant medium of marketing. Brands never forget to highlight their taglines during their promotion on the e-commerce platforms. Copywriters are the one who gives birth to these taglines. In recent times, they are utilized on e-commerce sites to mold the description section, which highlights the specifications of a product. Thus, the responsibility of the copywriters has only increased today.

How Copywriters Can Write Persuasive Copy For E-commerce Sites:

Highlight The Features:

At first, copywriters should be aware of a product’s unique features before preparing a written copy for it. For instance, if you are about to promote perfume, craft the words such as ‘the Lavender flavor will assure you a lasting fragrance throughout the day. Since the description section is filled with a huge chunk of words, highlight the unique features in ‘bold or italics,’ which helps grab the attention of people quickly.

Segment The Passages With Relevant Headings:

People usually find it vague to read a vast number of texts. But, if the situation prompts a writer to explain the features in such a manner, he can segment it into paragraphs by adding relevant subheadings. Here, the subheadings you give acts as a deciding factor for the reader to give a read into the next paragraph. So, make sure to frame the subheadings effectively.

Make Use Of Bullet Points:

Writing down the description and specifications in bullet points as short snippets will do its part in making people give it a read. The time interval that takes in shifting from one point to another will provide a short break for the reader from continuous reading. It also enables the way for a better understanding. Thus, writing down in the bullet points format has a multitude of benefits.

Make Your Copy Readable For Everyone:

The copywriters are the people who speak to the customers and prospects on behalf of a company. So, the words they frame should be understandable to the vast audience. Naturally, copywriters will have an in-depth knowledge of vocabulary. However, they should realize that the mission of writing copies is to persuade people to buy a product and not to exhibit their vocabulary skills. Because not every prospect could be an Oxford scholar and a prodigy in English vocabulary. So the copywriter should step down to the readability level of his target audience and frame the copy accordingly.

How Copywriters Are Leveraged In Video Marketing?

Videos are gaining importance as a pivotal medium for marketing. Subsequently, this has given a pathway to the various types of video representation alongside the advent of AR and VR. Especially in e-commerce, for product promotions, brands are compiling both images and word texts in the videos. For instance, have a glimpse at the smartphone launch videos of the iPhone. It will give you a better understanding of what I’m talking about. The videos also have some texts as part of the videos. Thus, copywriters also have a substantial role in video marketing.

How Equipped Are Copywriters?

Copywriters are equipped enough to deliver SEO-friendly write-ups. Thus, they have molded them according to the prevailing trends. Since SEO ranking decides the traffic e-commerce could get, copywriters have developed them to write copies as per the requirements in keyword density. Hence, copywriters play a predominant role in improving the ranking of e-commerce websites in the search engine.


Brands consider newsletters as a useful tool to strengthen their bond with the customers. Newsletters are the articles that keep the customers updated about newly launched products, collaborations, and activities of a company. Copywriters are utilized for developing an effective newsletter from delivering an enticing title till making the copy more intriguing for the customers to read.

Handling Social Media Pages:

A company involved in e-commerce should have an active presence on social platforms to enhance its brand reach. According to a recent survey, 65% of people check social platforms to understand a product or a brand better. Thus, social platforms are also utilized as a search engine for e-commerce. So, to make their social media pages appealing, brands hire copywriters for various purposes, including writing captions for posts, greeting people during special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, etc.

Final Thoughts:

Marketing and copywriting are tangled with each other as they can’t be kept separated. The demand for quality copywriters who could convince people with their words remains high as it is ever. Companies are ready to spend a vast sum of money on the copywriters to improve their e-commerce business. Moreover, these writers connect a brand with its customers through words. Thus, copywriters offer a multitude of benefits for a company is taking the e-commerce business to the next level.

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