The 5 Must-Have Tools to Sell Successfully as an Amazon Merchant

  • Volume Listing Tools — this tool is especially designed for professional sellers who list products in bulk. It can help you upload lists in bulk whether you’re selling books, DVD’s, or music, it can make inventory changes quickly and easily, and it allows you to download reports to track your data.
  • Amazon Seller App — Amazon recognizes that business has now gone mobile. There is an Amazon mobile app for customers, but did you know that there’s also one designed for sellers?
  • The Amazon Seller app allows business owners to manage their accounts even while on the road. From fulfilling orders to managing inventories and sales analysis, this tool ensures you’re on top of your game wherever you are.
  • FBA Revenue Calculator — Fulfillment by Amazon makes online selling fast and easy. The FBA Revenue Calculator makes the process even more convenient by helping sellers with pricing. The tool allows you to make price comparisons between your own fulfillment and Amazon’s offer.
  • SEO Chat — this Keyword Suggested Tool, as the name implies, helps you collate possible search queries as you type. The Suggestions are based on searches made in Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Bing.
  • Rank Tracer — if you need information about sales ranks or charts of any Amazon product, this tool is for you. Through this report, you’ll know what products are fast-selling and what other vendors are promoting.
  • MarketHustl — this tool helps sellers to optimize their listings. MarketHustl analyzes your competition and gathers a list of potential keywords. It also helps users to post enticing product images. All in all, this makes for an intelligent copy to turn readers into buyers.

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