Top Content Writing Strategies for E-commerce that Drive Sales

Content is the only thing that drives people to your e-commerce website. Hence, you need to have superb content writing strategies that drive leads and culminate as sales.

You could have that amazing array of products and services. But unless you have engaging and relevant content that compels people to buy something, your e-commerce website doesn’t have many chances of becoming famous and successful.

High Quality Content Writing

Facts About Content & E-commerce

That’s the reason every e-commerce website owner, affiliate marketer, and drop shipper tries to provide superb content. Their intention is to grab the largest slice of the market where there’re countless competitors.

And statistics and figures prove that content drives sales in e-commerce. Here’re some of these vital stats from various sources that might amaze you.

  • Over 86 percent of content marketers using blogs either on their business website or separately or even through independent bloggers, as part of their online marketing strategy.
  • Business worldwide including Amazon and Airbnb among others find superior quality content plays a key role in success.
  • Digital marketing trends clearly indicate that companies publishing at least 16 posts per month on their blog or company website record at least 3.5 times more visitors and greater interest in their business, compared to those who publish four posts or lesser.
  • Global surveys reveal, at least 60 percent of all shoppers and customers use content to get better information about More than 60 percent of consumers to say blog posts are valuable in the early stages of the buying process.
  • Over 50 percent of content marketers emphasize superb blog content continues to be their topmost priority for inbound marketing.

Given these facts and figures, it’s important for e-commerce companies to use top content writing strategies that actually drive sales.

Drive Sales for Online Business
Drive Sales for Online Business

Top Content Strategies to Drive E-commerce Sales

This brings us to the important question about what are the best or top content strategies that would help drive sales for an e-commerce business? Here’re some time tested and proven content strategies you may wish to implement.

Create Independent Blog for Your Business

Nowadays, setting up an independent blog is fairly inexpensive and definitely affordable for any e-commerce business. You can hire a fulltime or part-time content writer to create superb blog posts or outsource content from freelances on websites including and, among others.

Promote your e-commerce business blog as an independent entity through excellent digital marketing processes. As the above figures indicate, over 60 percent of consumers read blogs before buying. A superbly designed blog site with compelling content definitely drives sales to your e-commerce business.

Leverage Customer Testimonials

And one such compelling type of content is customer testimonials. As a rule, consumers always like to identify with real-life people telling personal experiences and stories. Therefore, encourage satisfied, existing customers to write a short testimonial about how products and services from your e-commerce business are helping their lives.

You can use several such testimonials and support them with pictures of customers actually using your product or service as a force multiplier. Nothing impresses prospective customers more than honest testimonials from verifiable users. They tend to identify with the user experience and story that goes with the testimonial.

Honest Reviews from Affiliate Marketers

Most e-commerce businesses use affiliate marketing as an effective way to increase sales by adding another point of purchase. If your e-commerce business isn’t offering an affiliate marketing program, I strongly recommend you launch one at the earliest. And if you already have an affiliates program running, consider asking for honest reviews of your products and services.

There’s a reason I emphasize the term ‘honest reviews.’ A few affiliate marketers tend to overrate a product or service, hoping to impress a prospective lead and record a sale that fetches them commissions. Others promoting a rival product or service could post reviews that underrate your e-commerce business offerings.

The only way to counter these is by getting affiliate marketers to write honest reviews. This includes writing both pros and cons of your business.

Deploy Newsy Content

Presenting content about your e-commerce business and its product or service offerings can also be done in the newsy style. People are always very eager to learn about the latest happenings about a brand or business they’re using. These areas of interest are generally price change, innovations in product or service, newer packing, sales, and promotions as well as expansion into newer markets and winning awards.

When you provide news like the content on any of the above lines, there’re excellent chances of content driving sales to your e-commerce business. Furthermore, newsy content is an excellent way to keep prospects and clients engaged and interested in your business. You can pitch newsy content to get subscribers for newsletters, press releases as well as latest posts. This helps build an email list that comes handy for email marketing for driving business.

Customize Content for Digital Marketing Processes

Customizing your content for digital marketing processes is a strategy that can send your sales figures soaring. Some of these processes include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing as well as e-mail marketing. While content is the dominant factor in e-commerce, digital marketing also plays a key role.

Creating content using proper keywords, language, and images with good digital marketing help your page to rank on top of generic searches on Google and other search engines. Proper social media and email marketing of your content also drive generic traffic to the e-commerce website.

In Conclusion

Generally, the best results come from content writing strategies that consider all the five tips that I list above. Therefore, it is important to create and post content that’s timely, relevant, and engaging while holding some benefit for the audience. I would also recommend presenting content in a mobile-friendly manner. That’s primarily because most online shoppers nowadays read content and decide on purchase while on the move. Before concluding I’ll add that content can often be the sole factor to drive sales to your e-commerce website. Hence, play your content card well.

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